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3 Beauty Resolutions for Better Skin in the New Year

3 Beauty Resolutions for Better Skin in the New Year

“New year, new me!” So the cliché goes. So many of us, entering a brand new year, decide we should beentirely new people. Considering how long it’s taken to become the you that you are today, transforming into a different person is atallorder, to say the least. It’s hardly a surprise, then, thatone-third of new year’s resolutions don’t make it past the first month.

Instead of making a total overhaul your goal, why not start the year by choosing to showyourself some love, starting where you’ll feel it most:your skin! Here arethree(yes, just three!) beauty resolutions that will give you better skin in the new year.


Know your needs.

Every person’s skin has unique needs, depending on factors like skin type, environment, and even special conditions like pregnancy or a chronic illness. These factors can influence how well a certain product works...or how badly. Of these, though, it’s oftenskin typethat plays the biggest role. In general, there are three main types: oily, dry, and combination. Each type comes with its own set of needs that have to be addressed by the products you use. 

Oily skin gets shiny over the course of the day, and often has more visible pores. Oily skin is usually more acne-prone, because oil buildup can cause pores to clog. That same oil buildup can cause makeup to easily slide off, feel heavy over the course of the day, or even look darker. People with oily skin should make sure their products arenon-comedogenic(do not clog pores) and use oil-controlling ingredients to ensure makeup looks fresh throughout the day. 

dd+cc primer daily defense color correcting primer ellana spf

For those with dry to combination skin, daily moisture is a must. OurDaily Defense + Color Correcting Primerhas moisturizingTsubaki Oil, while also offering sun protection.

Dry skincan look dull or even flaky because of the lack of oil. Pores are small, but can look “tight” and even bunch up in fine lines without moisture to plump and smoothen. Without the proper skin preparation in the form or primers or sprays, foundation can settle into fine lines or even flake off. Those with dry skin should use moisturizer and/or moisturizing primer before applying foundation, to provide a smooth base without caking or flaking. A hydrating facial mist also keeps skin from getting dry throughout the day.

Combination skin, as the name suggests, means skin is oily in some places (usually the T-zone of the forehead, nose, and chin) and “normal” or even dry in others. People with combination skin often need milder products than those with oily skin, as not all areas of their face need “extreme” oil control. Products that offer lightweight moisturizing also help treat dry patches, without creating more oil buildup on oily ones.

Get active.

flower power setting spray moisturizing hydrating facial mist

OurFlower Power Setting Sprayhydrates skin on hot days, while also reducing redness and inflammation from sun exposure, keeping skin fresh and minimizing damage.

Good skin is characterized by a bright, smooth, and “plump” or hydrated appearance, and for good reason: how your skin looks with or without makeup is often a great indicator of its long-term health. With this in mind, keep an eye out for makeup products withactives, meaning theyactivelypromote the physical signs of healthy skin. Some ingredients to keep in mind are:

  • Niacinamide andlicorice extract,which help reduce dark spots
  • Claysandstarches, likekaolinandrice powder, which control oil, helping keep skin smooth and pimples at bay.
  • Aloe vera, rose, andgreen teaextracts, which lock in moisture, creating that bouncy and plump appearance while also adding protection to the topmost layers of skin.

When it comes to products you use on your skin, it’s important to look for benefits that go beyond merely looking good. A primer with SPF keeps your makeup flawless for hours, but it also protects you from long-term sun damage. A face mist can cool your skin down on a hot day, and also improve its texture, so you can wake up with natural glow. Beautiful skin ishealthyskin, and actives can help you achieve just that.


Love your true colors.

chai hazelnut macchiato loose mineral foundation models

So many of our resolutions, new year or otherwise, come from a desire to be an entirely different person, and our skin is no exception. So many of us have been told we’d be prettier if we were paler or tanner, lighter or darker: in short, if we looked a little bit more like someone else.

But, as anyone who’s walked out with a face that’s a completely different shade to their neck will tell you, you can’t hide your true colors. In fact, you look so much better when you embrace them! Choosing products that enhance your skin’s tone (how light/deep it is) and undertone (how warm/cool it is) enhance its naturalglow, while using the wrong shades can make you look ashy, washed out, or dull.

How do you embrace your hue? Some quick tips:

  • Swatch foundations on your jaw.This makes sure that your face and neck match, preventing the dreaded “floating head” look.
  • Rely on natural light. When checking for a match, step in front of an open window or out in the sun to get a better grasp of color.
  • Embrace change. Skin naturally gets lighter or darker depending on the season, so have products at the ready.


Whether it’s plants or people, a little love and care goes a long way, andyouare no exception. This year, make the choice totreat yourself a little better. Skin is a great start.

Who knows? Now that you’ve practiced self-care, you may be prepared to extend it to more areas of your life!

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