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5 Ways The Loose Mineral Foundation Helps Your Skin

5 Ways The Loose Mineral Foundation Helps Your Skin

Every good makeup day starts with a good base. The best canvas for makeup is always great, clear skin but until you can dare to bare, finding the right base product is key to achieving your goals.

When skin is going through a rough patch, the common route that most people would take is to go ham on the foundation. While full coverage foundations come aplenty on the market today, you may actually be compromising your skin in the process by choosing a formula that doesn’t let it breathe!

That’s where the Ellana Mineral Foundation comes in handy. This light, breathable powder offers superior coverage with a silky finish for a healthy skin-like glow.

Formulated for sensitive skin, this mineral foundation conceals blemishes while treating your skin in the process.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Loose Mineral Foundation with SPF 16 closeup

Here are five things the Ellana Mineral Foundation does more than your regular foundation!

1. It offers sun protection. 

The Ellana Mineral Foundation is formulated with two of the key ingredients you would normally find in SPF products: titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These mineral-based UV filters shield the skin from sun damage, and help your skin heal faster and develop less hyperpigmentation post-breakout. Sun-protected skin shows visible signs of ageing much slower than skin that's exposed to UV rays without protection, so you can delay the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. It can fight environmental damage. 

Enriched with vitamin E and C, the Ellana Mineral Foundation also has antioxidant benefits to protect your skin from free radicals and damage from pollution. Vitamin C evens out skin tone and makes it brighter, while Vitamin E (Tocopherol acetate) aids in sun protection while reducing inflammation and the appearance of scar tissue. This makes our mineral foundation ideal for those who are acne-prone.

3. It soothes skin.

Allantoin is an effective skin-soothing and skin-conditioning agent. It’s found in a lot of acne scar treatments as it can moisturize damaged skin without causing any irritation. It is believed to promote cell regeneration, which helps to heal scars and wounds, creating a more even skin tone in the process.

4) It keeps the oils at bay. 

Two of the active ingredients found in this product, phosphates and kaolin, provide resistance to water and sebum. You might have seen these ingredients while reading through your favorite clay mask as they are lauded for their oil absorption capabilities. That means it can keep shine at bay and allow your makeup to stay on for longer!

5) It helps keep skin moisturized. 

Dry skin types can also benefit from using the Ellana Mineral Foundation. The addition of caprylic/capric triglyceride in the formula balances the oil-drying properties of kaolin and acts as a gentle yet effective skin moisturizer. The caprylic also acts as a dispersing agent, which helps spread the pigment evenly for a smooth and seamless finish.

You won’t find any filler products in this foundation, as every single ingredient works to treat your skin while making it pretty. It’s makeup and skincare rolled into one, and one that does a real good job for both purposes!

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