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SAVE YOUR SKIN: 2 Ingredients To Soothe Angry Skin

SAVE YOUR SKIN: 2 Ingredients To Soothe Angry Skin

In our previous blog (Read: Save Your Skin - 2 Ingredients We Love For Acne), we talked about how you can protect your skin against acne and blemishes with niacinamide and tea tree oil. They’re two ingredients that are effective in attacking acne-causing bacteria and keeping your skin hydrated. However, active protection is just one part of this anti-acne regimen; the second part is soothing your skin to help minimize the breakouts.

Dealing with angry skin can be frustrating and the last thing you want is to make it worse. Some signs of irritated skin are visible redness, itchy sensation, and the uncomfortable feeling of tight skin. But, don’t worry — these can definitely be treated with a little TLC (whew!). Here are two ingredients we love for pampering angry skin:


First up: Menthol! Just thinking about it has us feeling the cooling sensation already, which is just so satisfying for irritated skin. It smells like mint and is commonly derived from peppermint or eucalyptus plants.

Known as a counter-irritant, menthol relieves itchiness by cooling the skin and leaving an invigorating feeling. It works by triggering cold-sensing nerves around the irritated area of your body, numbing it to help distract you from the discomfort.

The Keep Clean & Cool Tea Tree soap is infused with menthol, making it an excellent cleansing option for skin in need of soothing; it cleanses gently yet effectively, while soothing and cooling irritated skin in need of a little extra TLC!


Here's a MAJOR favorite when it comes to soothing skin: Cica! It’s a small herb that has long been known in Asia for its medicinal purposes and more recently, as a key ingredient in Korean beauty products. What makes Cica a powerful skincare ingredient? Its healing and soothing properties (Read: Ingredients We Love - Cica / Centella Asiatica)!

Cica is made up of a bunch of amino acids and phytochemicals, like Vitamins A, B1, B2, and C. Together, they improve blood flow to your skin, help prevent moisture loss, and repair damaged skin. These improve skin hydration, which helps with reducing inflammation and keeping irritants from getting into your skin. Better hydration also means plumper skin and less visible fine lines!

Cica can be found in our Stay Fresh Facial Mist and Setting Spray, along with other anti-inflammatory and skin-brightening ingredients. This mist is especially great for those with acne-prone skin; along with its skin-soothing and brightening benefits, it also works to strengthen the skin's natural barrier against stressors (Read: Ingredients we love - Niacinamide).

Healing irritated skin means a lot of hydration and skin-soothing, and these two ingredients have made it to our favorites list for doing just that.

Looking for more ways to help brighten and hydrate dull, pigmented skin? Click here to learn about another brightening skincare ingredient we love and use!

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