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#ChooseBetter: Exploring New Life Paths

#ChooseBetter: Exploring New Life Paths

At certain points in our lives, we find ourselves asking these questions: How am I doing? Am I treading on the right path? Should I get into another one?

Unprecedented times aren’t something that we’ve prepared for, so how do we stay positive, sustain that positivity, and keep ourselves going? In case you missed this #EllanaLifestyle session, here are some thoughts and tips from life coach Trixie “Positivitrix” Barretto Esguerra on Exploring New Life Paths:


Why is this the perfect time to explore new life paths?

E – Experience the beauty of life and how it should be.

Think of this time as a long pause, but a meaningful one for you to internalize your goals and purpose in life. There is something waiting for you on the other side that you wouldn’t get if you didn’t go through this challenging time. It gives us affirmation that we have to undergo something, though we might not understand it right now. Maybe, it’s time for you to get right out of your shell, have that leap of faith, and think about your plans.


How do we explore new life paths?

L – Listen to that lingering voice.

Own your intuition and treat it as the guide that’s telling you something. That’s how you know if you are to explore a new life path or continue with the path that you’re on right now. Those thoughts and those voices that keep on presenting themselves to you are valid, so listen to them.


What are the steps to explore new life paths?

L – Look for tools.

Identify your strengths. Attend talks and webinars that support your strengths. Use your inner tools that help you get to know yourself better, like discernment in the form of prayers and a vision board. A vision board contains your dreams, aspirations, and goals, among others. It helps you see the path that you dream for yourself against the path that you’re actually on.


A – Assess your situation.

Ask your friends and family what they think your strengths are. This is where you get to assess yourikigai, a Japanese term for “a reason for your being.”Ikigaipertains to what you love doing, what you are good at, if it adds value to others, and if you earn from it.


N – No to victim mentality.

Doubts are limiting beliefs that you get from how you were raised or what you were exposed to. When you have doubts along the way, you can always opt to believe otherwise. At the end of the day, you decide what you believe for yourself. Life is happening for you and not to you.


A – Align your body, mind, and soul.

The fact that you are in crossroads right now means that you are being asked to check all your options. Right now, you might be struggling because there’s no peace within you and you want to address that. Whatever message you’re getting right now, that’s the perfect message that you really have to hear. Remember: Everything is working in your favor. 


Feeling inspired and want to learn more? Watch our entire #EllanaLifestyle session with Positivitrix below:


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