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New Year, New Journeys!

New Year, New Journeys!

What a year it was for us at Ellana! It’s been amazing, thanks in HUGE part to you, our loyal and loving customers — fans, if you will (how else to describe such a supportive group of people who fiercely enjoy our products)?

Thank you for the love, the feedback, the patience whenever we run out of stock (I DID say “fiercely enjoy,” hahaha - we’ll get better at this, I promise), and the GROWTH.

We grew incredibly in 2019; we started out with 100 people in 29 locations mostly in Metro Manila, and emerged with 220 people in 64 locations across the Philippines as we rolled into 2020. Your patronage helps support the lives of more than 200 people and their families - how awesome is that!

Growth is the one constant in life, and Ellana has bloomed because of you. Alongside expanding our stores in the Philippines, we've started shipping internationally as well, with our US ecommerce business slowly growing. So if you have friends and family outside the Philippines, let them know that we ship to major cities of the world in 3 to 5 days!

Now, enough about the business.

I started Ellana with the dream of empowering people to have healthy skin. My personal goal for each one of you is to GROW WITH US.

There’ll be more of what you’ve come to expect: Skin-first formulas that care for you and the planet! There will be more stuff that goes beyond beauty - sharing stories on how we can all have less negative impact on the planet, and more positive impact on people. We'd love it if you took this journey with us.

We’re creating more ways to make your Ellana experience more delightful with new products and new services as well as your staple favorites, so you can go through life care-free in skin you love being in.

It’s going to be an amazing 2020!


Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor
Founder, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

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