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Thinking of you - chin up, buttercup. ☀️

Before anything, I want to ask — how are you doing right now? With the near-continuous flow of worrying news about the novel coronavirus (COVID-19), I imagine it must be difficult to stay calm and focused.

The past week has been a little crazy, to say the least. Many of us are shocked, worried, and unsure about what will happen in the coming days.

I wish I could say, “it’s nothing.” That there must be some misunderstanding somewhere that has caused all the fuss. However, these events are not the sort we simply sweep under the rug so we can call it a day. And panic is a natural response when you aren’t sure what to do next.

BUT — yes, there’s a but — it’s important that we focus on what we can do.

We can encourage one another; ensure that each individual has what they need to get through these trying times; do more for each other as we try to find our footing amidst all of today’s uncertainties.

The inspiring Michelle Obama once said:
“There are still many causes worth sacrificing for, so much history yet to be made.”

As we continue to monitor the situation, let’s all remember to look out for each other and do our part to ensure that everyone around us can continue to chase their dreams, pursue noble causes, and make history!

Stay radiant, wash your hands, and remember: #DontTouchYourFace!

Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor
Founder, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

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