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Ellana Beauty Advocate Direct Selling Program 

Recommending top products comes naturally to the passionate makeup enthusiast, so why not get something more from it than a warm, fuzzy feeling?

At Ellana, we believe in transforming passions into opportunities - that’s how we began, after all! To do this, we launched the Ellana Beauty Advocate Program.


Why become an Ellana Beauty Advocate?

This is a great opportunity for budding beauty entrepreneurs and mineral makeup fans who love sharing Ellana with friends, family, neighbors, classmates, workmates. Share your enthusiasm and get rewarded. 

As a member, you’ll be a foremost authority on mineral cosmetics - and its #1 source. Earn extra income by sharing your passion for makeup with others. You determine how much time and investment to put in, whether it’s building your own business through your network or simply sharing your affiliate links on social media. It’s as easy as that!


How does it work?

  1. Share your favorite products online (through blog posts, social media, forums, etc) using Ellana affiliate links with your unique ID. If anyone clicks into our website from one of your link and buys something, you get 15% of the sales!


  1. Get a 25% discount on Ellana products and be the #1 source of quality mineral cosmetics for women in your community. Whether for personal use or to make your business grow, what you do is up to you!


What other benefits do I get?

As an Ellana Beauty Advocate, you will also get:

  • FREE nationwide regular shipping and Cash on Delivery payment option for purchases over PHP1,000.00
  • FREE selling materials on first order, including 5 copies of the product catalog and a Beauty Advocate Kit.
  • Beauty, personal development, sales & marketing workshops hosted by Ellana
  • Beauty tips and exclusive updates from Ellana - be the first in the know!
  • A listing in our e-directory to help people find their nearest Ellana representative


How do I sign up to be a Beauty Expert?

1) Register for an Account.

2) Send us a request for a Beauty Advocate Application Form. 

3) You should receive an email confirming that we have received the application. We will review your application and notify you once approved within 5 days.

3) The only thing you have to do next is activate your account!


How do I activate my Beauty Advocate account?

After we’ve approved your application, all you need to do to activate your Beauty Expert status is make an initial order of PHP5,000. That’s it! You’ll end up investing only PHP3,750 after the 25% discount. We’re on hand to help you select a good mix of products for your first order.


In your first order, you’ll also receive 5 copies of the product catalog and our Beauty Advocate Kit.  


I’m already an old Ellana reseller, how do I reactivate my account?


We are waiving all charges for reactivation as of the moment.  



Introduce Ellana Mineral Cosmetics to your family, relatives, friends, neighbours, classmates and officemates – to anyone who cares enough to use only natural products on their delicate faces and earn extra income from becoming a representative.

- Get 25% discount on all products sold

- Earn up to 15% on referrals

- Get free selling materials - includes 5 product catalogues and Beauty Advocate Starter Kit. 

- Gain access to the ultimate web and social media marketing tool

- Receive beauty tips and updates from Ellana

- Free beauty, personal development, sales and marketing workshops

- Get listed in our e-directory. This will allow people visiting our website to contact the nearest representative for their orders



- Must be at least 16 years of age

- Accomplished Beauty Advocate Application Form


Ellana Beauty Expert Program
for Professional Hair & Makeup Artists) 


Are you a Professional Hair & Makeup Artist? You've come to the right place.

Members of the Beauty Expert Program can receive up to 25% off many of our product lines no matter how much you spend!

Shop the smart way and apply today by following the steps:

1)    Register for an Account.
2)    Submit your Portfolio URL, Facebook or Instagram Page or pictures of your work to
3)    Wait for a confirmation that we've reviewed and processed your request. If you are qualified you will receive an email within 5 days. 

    We will accept your website portfolio with at least 6 shots of your work (Social media sites are accepted).

    The shots must be of 6 different models and must be professional photographs as determined by our staff of artists. Your portfolio must be available to the public and list your contact information as a makeup artist.

    **Please note a valid photo I.D. will be required for all showroom purchases using our Beauty Expert Program.