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The Philippines' No.1 Mineral Cosmetics

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100% Vegan Ingredients. 
Talc-free. Fragrance-free. Cruelty-free.
Used by thousands of women with the most Delicate Skin.


Instantly Incredibly Flawless

The word "Ellana" means "to illuminate," a promise we deliver to your skin with everyday use. 
We bring you a range of the highest quality blends of Multipurpose Mineral Makeup for all skin types, for our unique Asian skin tone. 
Our powders are specially formulated to provide:
* natural sun protection with Minerals
* completely conceals blemishes and imperfections with full, long-lasting coverage. 
* skin brightening and soothing with Vitamins C, E & Allantoin
* safe for the most delicate skin
 "See how great it works on hiding those dark scars? Amazing! And I didn't have to use so much product." - Dawn Llanera of


Eco-Friendly Refill System

We at Ellana Cosmetics made a conscious effort to significantly REDUCE, REUSE and RECYCLE.
We are now selling our REFILLS, PALETTES and JARS separately to promote REUSING them!
Help us achieve a zero waste community by choosing Ellana Cosmetics skin and environment-friendly products.
We have a new jar with a rotating, sealing sifter to prevent spillage. It also comes with a mirror surface so you can easily check on your face for touch ups.


Blemish-Free Skin Starts with Clean Brushes

Keep your skin healthy by cleaning your makeup brushes after every use.
Our Cosmetic Brush Cleaner removes all makeup residue, oil and dead skin that creates a breeding ground for bacteria. 
Dries instantly, ready for the next use.
Gently conditions your makeup brushes.
Guaranteed to lengthen the life of your precious makeup brushes.


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