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Kallista Rose Gold Brush Duo

Kallista Brush Duo

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A two-piece set of essential brushes to perfect your face and eye look.

- Made of velvety-soft synthetic bristles that are easier to clean because they don't absorb the makeup.

- Great for sensitive skin.

Kallista Duo 103 Rounded Flat Powder Brush and 108 Mini Smudge Brush
Our Rounded Flat Powder Brush can take on both powder and cream makeup form, and our versatile Mini Smudge Brush can work wonders.

Kallista Duo 102 Angled Brush and 105 Blending Brush
Use the Angled Brush for the perfect blush & contour and the Blending Brush for stunning eye makeup and eye & nose contour.

Kallista Duo 104 Flat-Top Kabuki Brush and 106 Eyeshadow Brush
Apply your base like an expert with our Flat-Top Kabuki and create amazing eye looks with our Eyeshadow Brush.

Kallista Duo 101 Powder Brush and 107 Lip Brush
Buff your powder with our Powder Brush and define your lips with our Lip Brush.


+Product Specifications

103 Rounded Flat Powder Brush - 3cm x 2cm, 12cm handle
108 Mini Smudge Brush- 0.8cm x 0.5cm, 12.7cm handle

102 Angled Brush - 3.5cm x 3cm, 12cm handle
105 Blending Brush - 1cm x 1.3cm, 13.3cm handle

104 Flat-Top Kabuki Brush - 2.5cm x 2cm, 12cm handle
106 Eyeshadow Brush - 1.1cm x 1.5cm, 12.3cm handle

101 Lip Brush - 0.5cm x 1cm, 12.3cm handle
107 Powder Brush - 4.5cm x 4.5cm, 12cm handle


+How To Use

Tap your chosen brush head on your favorite powder or cream makeup and then apply it on your face.

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Multipurpose Color Cream | 4 Shade Palette for Eyes, Lips and Cheeks
Makeup Sanitizing Spray and Instant Brush Cleaner
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Makeup Sanitizing Spray and Instant Brush Cleaner

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