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Lip Drunk Blush with Palette

Strawberry Daiquiri with Palette
Mimosa with Palette
Sangria with Palette
Pink Flamingo with Palette
Autumn Martini with Palette
Peach Bellini with Palette
Love Potion with Palette
Paloma Italiana with Palette
Espresso Martini with Palette

  • Perfect your tipsy flush with this super-moisturizing, cocktail-inspired drunk blush. Made for lips and cheeks! This multi-stain glides on smoothly, with a soft, natural-matte finish and creamy, hydrating texture that is infused with Camellia “Tsubaki” Seed Oil. Your Lip Drunk Blush is all you need to glow on the go. You’ll notice your skin just gets better and better every day!

    Available in 9 delicious shades for all skin tones:

    Strawberry Daiquiri  is a pink-based red, with a refreshing mix of strawberry and peppermint scents.

    Mimosa  is a bronze shade with shimmer, and has a delicious fragrance of orange and vanilla with notes of chamomile.

    Sangria  is a wine red-violet or berry hue, with the scent of apples, oranges, and mixed berries.

    Pink Flamingo  is a pale, cool-toned pink that appears as a sheer stain once applied, and has a grapefruit, strawberry, and watermelon scent.

    Autumn Martini  is a brick red-brown, “clay blush” color, with a spicy red apple scent with a hint of cinnamon.

    Peach Bellini  is a peach-toned red, and reminiscent of peach and pomegranate.

    Love Potion is a bold, bright, and flirty mix of pink grapefruit and peach liqueur - a warm-toned shade that provides a year-long sunkissed flush.

    Paloma Italiana is a lively blend of scents of grapefruit and sweet orange, with lemon zest, in a pink-toned nude brown shade.

    Espresso Martini  is a warm-toned brown, with the addicting scent of brown coffee, warm vanilla, and sugar.

    Grab this bundle and store your lip drunk blush in our magnetic Phoebe Palette with mirror!

    Looking for just the refill? Shop here.

    Net Weight: 8g
    Dimensions: 2in x 2in metal pan (refill)
    Expiration Period: 24 months from date of manufacturing

    Check out our Expiration Guide for more details.

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