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Love is Pure | Lip in Luxe Lipstick

  • As a Lipstick

    1. Before application, exfoliate your lips with the Ellana Edible Sugar Lip Scrub. Dry lips may also use our Beauty Balm, but this will affect Lip in Luxe’s longevity.

    2. Scrape off excess pigment from wand before applying, ensuring one does not apply too much.

    3. Before applying, smile to stretch your lips.

    4. Apply a thin layer of the pigment then let dry. Build pigment if necessary, but only once first layer is totally dry.

    Remove using lip scrub or lip balm.

    As a Cheek Tint

    1. Mix 2 parts Lip in Luxe with 1 part Blur Classic Primer or Blur++ with Sebocure Primer on the back of hand.

    2. Apply to cheeks. 

    3. Blend lightly.