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Mood Mask | Washable Face Mask with Microfiber Filter

Fur Dreams Mood Mask
Light Blue Feather Mood Mask
Red Mood Mask
Black Mood Mask
Pink Mood Mask
Green Wave Mood Mask
Brown Mood Mask
Purple Geode Mood Mask
Rose Gold Mood Mask
Party Purple Mood Mask
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AVAILABLE IN 10 COLORS. Wear a new color every day to match your look, style, or mood!

These washable face masks provide comfort, style, and breathability, in addition to providing effective protection and air filtration for daily wear. Although strictly non-medical, they fit the standard face mask safety requirements.

- Mask "shell" is made of a double layer, 150gsm non-woven fluid-resistant polyester satin.

- Now includes a third, mask filter layer made of 3-ply polyester microfiber, which is considered an ideal filtration fabric by the US Army.

- Its soft, satin construction allows a a comfortable fit all day!

- The contoured fit means breathing is easy, even after several hours of wear.

- With original satin ear loops (adjustable): mask in colors BLACK and BROWN. With garterized straps: all other mask colors.


MASK: 100% 150gsm Satin (Polyester)

FILTER: 3-ply Microfiber (Polyester)

+How To Use


Wash hands before touching your mask.

Put on and take off using strings or straps. Make sure to cover your nose AND mouth.

Use a fabric mask when you go out even if you believe you are healthy.

Wash your hands and stay six feet away from others.

Wash mask by hand using gentle laundry soap after each use. DO NOT use bleach.

Wash hands after touching the mask.


Don’t use medical-grade masks; save those for health professionals.

Don’t touch the front of the mask.

Don’t use a damp mask.

Don’t let the mask hang under the chin or dangle from one ear.

Washing Instructions: Wash immediately after every use. Soak in water with detergent and scrub lightly. Do not bleach. Wash by hand when possible!

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