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Our Principles

Our Principles

Ellana is one of the only skincare and makeup brands in the Philippines that has it's own in-house cosmetics formulator. Our founder, Theresa believes that beauty can do more than the basics. We believe in a better beauty - this starts with out product formula - what goes into the packaging and on your skin.


Make it better.

  • We’re constantly obsessing over how we can make products better: from our formulas, to packaging, to overall performance.
  • We only use high-quality ingredients that are proven to be safe for all. 

Make it with less.

  • Less is more. We try to formulate with as few, carefully-selected ingredients as possible. By not diluting our products with unnecessary ingredients, we ensure that our formulas keep their promises.
  • In skin care, this means no fillers and more potent ingredients. In makeup, this means intense pigmentation & buildable coverage.
  • A little goes a long way. A small amount is all you need. Better for you, and better value too! 

Make it last.

  • Our formulas are designed to be long-lasting- even in the tropics. That means less time touching up and more time enjoying life.

Make it easy to use. 

  • We love using our fingers as makeup tools so we’ve formulated our products to be easy to apply. Want to use your tools? Great! Want to use your fingers instead? Even better. Your skin, your choice.

Make it multi.

  • We formulate multipurpose products to address more than one skin need at a time.
  • At Ellana, we don’t just create products for the sake of creating products. We make sure that everything we make truly fulfills a variety of needs. 

Make it kind to all.

  • We never test on animals and are completely vegan. 
  • We source ingredients ethically, and work only with groups who uphold good manufacturing practices (GMP standards): no child labor, no environmentally unsound practices, and we work hard to be as sustainable as possible.


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