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Our Story

March 11, 2020 1 min read

Our Story

ELLANA means “light” or “bright” in Greek.

Effortless beauty. 
Natural simplicity. 
Quiet confidence.


Perfectly color-matched. Long-wearing in humid weather. Suitable for Delicate Skin. 

This was the challenge Ellana’s founders, Theresa Carbonel and Coney Avellana sought to address when they started Ellana Cosmetics in 2007. 

At the time, mineral makeup was the best thing cosmetics had to offer. In the Philippines, it was expensive, not widely available and had limited shades. The result was the Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation. A foundation formula that uses gentle on skin mineral ingredients to create long-wearing poreless perfection, while keeping the skin healthy.

Since then Ellana has grown to be loved by tens of thousands of women in the Philippines and Asia.

Ellana Cosmetics first began selling online via forums and eventually as a top Multiply shop and quickly set up its own ecommerce in 2007. is considered a pioneer in single-brand ecommerce and cosmetics ecommerce in the Philippines.

Today Ellana Cosmetics is an upcoming beauty brand in the Philippines with over 50 stores nationwide and enjoyed by over 250,000 customers.


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