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3 Common Skin Problems and How To Address Them

3 Common Skin Problems and How To Address Them

Our skin is our first line of defense against the elements, so it’s just as important as our other organs. We should also approach caring for skin the same way we take care of our bodies — you wouldn't try to get harsh on purpose with your kidneys or your heart! 

Here are some common skin problems and how you can address them in a #BetterForYou way:

Common Problem #1: Acne

One of the downsides of living in a tropical country is heat and humidity. With these come sweat and increased sebum production, which may trigger breakouts for those with acne-prone skin.

The mere sign of a breakout typically gets us thinking of the quickest ways to make it go away. Many turn to stripping cleansers that promise to dry up acne in a flash. However, while it feels comforting to wash the grease away, stripping away our skin's much-needed moisture is counter-intuitive and may damage skin further.

How to deal with acne the #BetterForYou way: It's important to remember that skin needs to be treated gently in order for it to heal well. Choose a mild antibacterial cleanser like the Keep Clean and Cool tea tree soap to help eliminate acne bacteria. It's gentle enough for daily use, so you don't have to worry about stripping your skin of needed moisture!

To help soothe active breakouts and balance the skin's sebum production, choose a mist infused with oil-controlling Niacinamide and calming Centella Asiatica. The Stay Fresh facial mist and setting spray is infused with both of these and more, with each botanical ingredient chosen to help soothe and brighten skin!

For healing bumps with peeling or flaking, simply dab on a little Beauty Balm to keep skin nourished and calm with Centella Asiatica, Chamomile, and soothing botanical extracts.

Healing acne requires sun care, too. Choose a sheer, lightweight powder with SPF 50 like the Pressed Mineral Foundation, which shields against UV damage so your skin can heal safely.


Common Problem #2: Blemishes and discoloration

It bugs us to no end when we see a blemish or a spot that stands out on our face. Using skin-lightening cosmetic products seems to be the go-to answer to these problems. But, if you don’t know what’s in it, you might just be worsening the problem and giving yourself irritation, a burning sensation, or flaky skin.

How to deal with it the #BetterForYou way? Opt for skin-brighteners with ingredients that are good for your skin instead. Our Keep Clean and Bright papaya + clairblanche soap contains papain and clairblanche that help correct discoloration. Papain from papaya keeps skin elastic and evenly toned, while clairblanche repairs and renews UV-damaged skin.

You can complement this routine with our Glass Skin Glow spray, formulated with Citrus Nobilis fruit extracts that help strengthen your skin cells. It's also infused with rose extracts to lock in moisture and help promote collagen production for plump, healthy skin!

Common Problem #3: Friction rash or sunburn

A rash makes you want to scratch it non-stop because of the burning feeling. It's your skin's signal that it’s overworked and has reached its limits in protecting you from the elements.

How to deal with it the #BetterForYou way? First, make sure irritated areas are clean, but without stripping skin of vital moisture! The Keep Clean and Calm oatmeal soap is your best bet: Oatmeal contains saponins that remove dirt and oil from the body, while containing emollient properties that help moisturize skin.

To help irritated skin recover, it's important to keep it hydrated. Our Flower Power Facial Mist is infused with Rosa Centifolia extract to help soothe irritation! Rosa Centifolia also contains Vitamin C, which helps strengthen your moisture barrier to prevent skin from drying and aids in skin cell turnover for healing.

Depending on the severity of your rash or sunburn, you can also use our Pressed Mineral Foundation with SPF 50 to ensure protection from the elements. Apply it gently with a hypoallergenic makeup sponge to prevent further irritation.

For days when you're staying out of the sun but still need a little extra soothing, simply dab on some Beauty Balm! It's formulated with botanical ingredients that help soothe irritation and nourish healing areas that are in that awkward, flaky stage.

Trust us: We know the feeling of encountering skin problems and wishing nonstop for them to magically disappear overnight. Grabbing the nearest acne-buster or skin-lightener isn't always the way to go because it can take a toll on your skin health. When it comes to dealing with these problems, it’s important to go for ingredients and products that are kinder and #BetterForYou.

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