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3 Lip Care Tips For a Pampered Pout

3 Lip Care Tips For a Pampered Pout

With 800 to 900 million tubes sold every year, there’s no doubt that lipstick is a staple in even the most low-maintenance lady’s makeup kit. And for good reason: throughout history, women have slicked on their favorite lipstick shade in order to feel confident, competent, and ready for action. In fact, it waseven considered a declaration of fighting spirit to wear it during World War II!

Considering how important lipstick is, it’s surprising how little we think about our lips when it comes to our daily skincare regimen. We spend a ton of time, effort, and money trying out different moisturizers, toners, creams, and serums to get perfect skin, but rarely expend the same energy giving our pout some TLC. 

In fact, the lips are just as sensitive--if not more so--to stress and skin damage as the rest of the face, so it’s important to invest time in lip care as well! Here are three simple ways to integrate some lip love in your daily care regimen.

  • Be a BALM-shell.

  • The first tip is something that might be a no-brainer, but it is a thing we tend to forget: make wearing a lip balm a daily habit. Licking your lips does not cut it; the delicate skin of your pout needsmorehydration. Specifically, the lips need moisture that won’t easily evaporate.

    An emollient balm like the Ellana Beauty Balm is perfect for this; not only does it give moisture; it also helps keep that moisture on your lips for a longer period. Look for balms that have soothing ingredients as well, to help reduce the inflammation, chapping, and irritation that come with day to day dehydration. Ingredients such as shea butter and cocoa butter help soothe, while extracts like centella asiatica and tocopherol (vitamin E) help with the irritation and tiny cuts that result from dryness.

    Finally, while putting lip balm on during the day is great, using itovernightcan have even more benefits. Heavier, creamier balms can be used as overnight lip masks. Simply apply a generous layer before bed, then wake up to plump and hydrated lips!

  • Give your lips some sugar.

  • What’s the number one enemy of a perfect matte pout? Flaky and peeling lips! Because mattes and/or equally budge-resistant formulas cling to the skin of the lips, it is essential to give them a smooth surface to cling to, both for aesthetic reasons and so that your lipstick lasts longer.

    How, then, can we ensure a soft and kissable canvas for your favorite lippie? Simple! Regularly exfoliate the lips with agentle(!!!) scrub, especially before and after you use a particularly long-wearing formula. The best scrubs containno dehydrating ingredients(watch out for alcohols!), and are infused with hydrating oils to help condition the lips.

    Exfoliation is great for minimizing dry and flaky skin on the lips, but you can still get too much of a good thing. Too much exfoliation can lead to dehydration, which is why ideally, even the most gentle lip scrub should be used in moderation. Doing so daily can be excessive, which leads to the next point...

  • Switch up your style.

  • The perfect matte pout is great for days when you need your lipstick to stay in place. However, it’s important to ask if that’s something you needevery day. Even the most moisturizing, creamy liquid matte lipstick, when worn day in day out, can be drying over time. Also, the harder to remove the matte is, the more it requires after-care in the form of regular exfoliation.


    Fortunately, the solution is as simple as having a range of lipstick finishes in your kit, and cycling through them. On days where touch-ups are less of an issue, try a creamy multi-stain. Rock no-makeup makeup with a liquid tint for more casual affairs. Not only will changing lipstick styles help give your lips a break, but you may also unlock a greater range of makeup looks!

    So there you have it: three quick tips to making sure your lips are at their best daily. Try them out and level up your lip look!

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