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It’s always been said that sharing is caring. But, when it comes to your makeup, that shouldn’t be the case, even for your BFFs.

The harm might not be easily seen or obvious. But trust us on this one: Sharing makeup isn’t worth it, especially if it puts your skin at risk. Here, we list down three basic products that you shouldn’t share and what exactly happens if you do.


Aside from the fact that we all have different skin types and we each require a specific shade, sharing isn’t exactly advisable, especially for cream and liquid foundation and concealer formulas. The risk of bacteria transfer is high; sharing foundation or concealer can lead to contamination of the entire pan or bottle, which you’ll then need to replace — this costs more money than if you just ordered a travel or trial size. Plus, if you opt to continue using foundation that’s already contaminated with bacteria, you’re exposing yourself to breakouts and skin irritation. Yikes!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Cream to Powder Concealer and Foundation
If you’re in a pinch and really must share, make sure to use a clean brush or sponge and sanitize it with a brush cleaner before and after use. In fact, make this a rule for you, too, in your daily makeup routine.


We all have a friend or two who express love for our lipstick shade and ask for a quick try-on. You might even have been that friend, too! However tempting or beautiful that lipstick shade might be, don’t fall into the trap of sharing. The transfer of unseen bacteria and viruses like HSV-1 (or herpes simplex) through lipstick sharing is real! Contaminated lipsticks can cause fever blisters around the mouth, and even pass around the common cold.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Lip in Luxe - Love is Pure on Luna Alano (Beauty By Luna)
If you want to be generous, play it safe: use a sanitized lip brush! For liquid lipstick, simply swatch a small amount onto a clean palette or the back of your hand, then apply with the sanitized lip brush. Make sure to sanitize your hands before and after, and to sanitize your tools too!


Among all types of makeup, it’s the creamy ones that are at the highest risk for bacteria contamination. That means that your ultra-portable cream blush isn’t safe for sharing, either. Cream formulas are commonly applied with fingertips and tend to be more moist than other blush formats — and moisture is an ideal breeding ground for germs. Needless to say, we don’t want to risk contaminating our favorite blush, nor do we want to pass bacteria around.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Lip Drunk Blush
Want to share the wonders of your favorite cream blush formula with a friend? You can do so with a brush or sponge, and only if they’re thoroughly cleaned and properly sanitized before and after use.


With the serious health risks that we face, it’s important that we care for others and their health. More than ever, sharing anything must be carefully done, or completely avoided if possible. No pretty lipstick or flattering blush is worth endangering yourself or other people.

One tip is to always keep your hands clean, and arm your makeup kit with tools that are properly cleaned, regularly disinfected, and stored in a clean, dry case. Make it a point to deep clean with a gentle brush-safe soap once a week, and to disinfect them before after every use with a skin-safe sanitizing spray.

If your friend is really curious about your foundation or color cosmetics, check around for a travel-sized version so they can try them out without the health hazards. If you steer clear of sharing products that go straight on your skin, then all the better and safer for everyone!

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