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3 Reasons Why Chloe is Ellana’s Best Powder Foundation Makeup Brush

3 Reasons Why Chloe is Ellana’s Best Powder Foundation Makeup Brush

Choosing the right brush for mineral foundation is important. Using the right brush makes a difference in how mineral foundation looks on your skin. The brush shape, texture and density affects your foundation’s coverage and finish. 

Investing in high quality brushes not only allow you to get the best results - it lasts for years with proper care. 

A customer favorite for applying mineral foundation is the Chloe Retractable Kabuki Brush with a flat top. Let’s break down why:

#1 Chloe is a flat top Kabuki brush. This means the bristles are packaged densely. The flat top gives you the most coverage. The flat surface allows you to apply more product directly on the skin especially when using a buffing or stippling motion. It’s perfect for building up your foundation  and all-over blending.

#2 Chloe has a full flat top head of dense synthetic hairs. At Ellana, we prefer synthetic brushes. First because it’s only natural that the animals from which natural hair brushes come from keep their hair. Second because today’s synthetic bristles are soft and feel smooth on the skin even as its engineered to pickup and transfer makeup well. Third and last, synthetic brushes are easier to clean and maintain. 

#3 Chloe’s rose gold metal handle and cap looks and feels great (even after you’ve dropped it on the floor by accident). It’s compact and travels well - the cap ensures dust and dirt don’t get into the bristles. 

If you’re a makeup regular, this is one brush you must have in your kikay kit. Not convinced? Read some of our recent customer reviews about Chloe:

"Super cute kabuki brush super good with powder touch-ups! Aso, love how you can keep this in your kikay kit which is also good for on-the-go ghurlies!"
Chelsea, 2020

"Soft as cotton, this brush is that best! I use this when I apply my primer and my foundation. It's worth every cent. ❤️ No regrets buying this brush. It's super soft and no product is wasted when this is used."
Roxan,  2020

"The first and last brush you will ever need! First and foremost, I love the elegant rose gold color. I love how compact the brush is, I can simply put it inside my bag for easy touch up on the go. It is very versatile. I use this when applying Loose Mineral Foundation, Pressed Mineral Foundation, and even with OGBB. I love how I can adjust the brush depending on the coverage I want to achieve. It’s also a plus that I can use this with Lip Drunk Blush."
Jennelyn, 2020

"One of my go to brushes since it's really soft and compact that fits perfectly in my pouch. 👌 It's multipurpose too because I used it to blend my Foundie, powder and Blush from Ellana too ❤️ Perfect! 💯"
Charmagne, 2020

"It really feels good on the skin. I use this both as my powder and blush brush. Pretty chic and light to carry around. I have mine for almost a year now and it still feels good as new."
Sara, 2020

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