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4 Self-Care Commitments For The New Year

4 Self-Care Commitments For The New Year

Have you thought about what you're resolving to do next year? For us, 2023 will be all about continuing tochoose better. We started doing this a few months ago and we believe that we can still keep on doing this next year — choosing better for our bodies, skin, minds, the environment, and even the world.


Right at the top of our list isself-care. It’s something that we advocate and feel strongly about, so we’re making sure that we fully commit to it in 2023. Want to make this your New Year’s resolution, too? Here are some starters:

Take breaks.

If there’s one thing we learned from such a challenging year, it’s that breaks are important, helpful, and absolutely okay and normal. Nowadays, stress and noise can come in all forms and from many different sources. Identifying what gives you physical, mental, and even emotional stress helps, so you’ll know what to take occasional breaks from.

Just the same, there are a lot of ways that you can de-stress and take breaks:

    • Put your phone down and into a “temporary sleep.” Current events and social media in general can sometimes take a toll on you mentally. When you feel the negative vibes coming after scrolling through your feed, it’s time to unplug and take a breath. If you’re one of the lucky ones who have a “sleep” or “temporary lock” feature on their phone, take advantage of that and switch it on whenever you need it.
  • Get yourself a “pick me up.” Stepping away from your work or device and taking minutes to prepare something nice for yourself, whether it’s coffee or your favorite meal, is precious. Plus, taking short walksexercises both your body and brain, so you can come back to your task refreshed and with renewed focus.

  • Take power naps. Power naps didn’t earn its name for no reason. Taking a quick rest for 30 minutes or less has been foundto reduce stress and fatigue. In fact, depending on the length of your nap, you can get benefits like better motor performance, increased alertness, and boosted memory and creativity.

  • Do something you love.

    What’s new hobby did you pick up in 2022? Is it baking, planting, or doing arts and crafts? Whatever it is, keep doing thatand morein 2023. It doesn’t necessarily have to be a hobbyper se. If you love something as simple as communing with nature, soaking up the sun, and breathing in fresh air, then make time to go on more walks or visits to the neighborhood park next year. What’s important in this self-care commitment is that you’re doing something that you love and enjoy, so that you can be fully immersed in it and feel better.

    Connect with others.

    This year has taught us that socializing doesn’t always need close distance; just awesome company, with the help of technology sometimes, works. Spending time with your friends or loved ones is good food for the soul. Connecting with others, either physically distanced or virtually,brings about healthful results, such as reduced anxiety and stress, and stronger immune system. Even better, these benefits positively affectboththe giver and the receiver. So, this 2023, get your social calendar filled up because it’s the perfect time to reconnect and stay connected.

    Make yourself a priority.

    Because of adulting, it can be hard to take time for yourself. The list of things that require your attention is endless; but, there’s only so much that you can fit in a given time. Regardless of your responsibilities, you need to remember that you’re still a human being who needs care and maintenance. Commit yourself to this self-care resolution with these reminders:

  • Eat regularly and healthily. This is one of the things that gets sacrificed most often. But, that shouldn’t be the case. Eat food that’s not only for pleasure, but also for nutrition, and at the right times. While treating yourself with your favorites from time to time is okay, make sure that it’s still done healthily and doesn’t defeat the purpose of self-care.

  • Get enough sleep and exercise. Science has long proven the healthy effects of enough sleep and exercise. Getting the right amount of sleep is known to improve your mood, energy, and mental ability. The same goes for exercising; even just a regular 15-minute workout can do wonders physically, mentally, and emotionally.

  • Take better care of your whole body. By this, we mean taking better care of your skin, too, which is actually the largest organ of the body. It’s one of those parts that get ignored often, but need just as much TLC. Having a good skincare routine affects you emotionally and mentally, particularly your self-confidence. In case you don’t have a regular routine just yet, 2023 is a good time to start one and you can rest assured thatwe’re right there with you!

  • Just like us, you’re probably all ready and excited to see what 2023 holds for us. Whatever it is, we’ll face the new year and all that it bringstogether. We’re going to prioritize self-care, resolve to choose better, and stay radiant — together! Here’s to a better skin, better life, andbetter youin 2023!

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