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5 Things You Should Know About Stay Fresh Multi Mist (#4 is a Winner)

Ellana sprays are perfect for refreshing your skin and makeup anytime of the day.But more than just a refresher, the Stay Fresh Multi-Mist is a must-have skincare-makeup staple that does so much more.

Read on to discover the 5 things you should know about the Stay Fresh Multi-Mist!

#1 It’s a Lightweight Primer Water.

Stay Fresh is a Primer Water that is sprayed on. Like all primers, it’s meant to prep the face and make makeup look better and last longer. Aside from being lightweight, it forms a very thin layer of product between the skin and makeup making it less likely that you’ll use too much. 

#2 Lock in your makeup, use it as a Setting Spray.

In the same way that Stay Fresh forms a thin layer of product on the skin when used as a primer, that same layer locks in your makeup making it last even longer. 

#3 Skin gets even better over time!

More than just a product that makes makeup last longer, Stay Fresh if formulated with 2% Niacinamide which reduces inflammation, decreases hyperpigmentation, and regulates oil production. And it is also made with Centella Asiatica also known as Cica. It soothes irritated skin with its high antioxidant content. Together with a cocktail of botanical actives, these ingredients make skin better over time. 

#4 Make makeup water-resistant.

Sealing your makeup with Stay Fresh creates a protective barrier between your face - the humidity in the air as well as dirt and other nasties. Fairly simply if you’re the type that likes to walk in the rain, sweats a lot or prefers to swim fully made up, applying Stay Fresh will keep your makeup intact. (Don’t forget to use waterproof mascara and eyeliner though!)

#5 It’s safe for pregnant and breastfeeding mommies!

Stay Fresh, like all Ellana Cosmetics are made without ingredients known to affect hormones and pre-natal development. The skin is our largest organ, and through it we (literally) absorb the world around us. At Ellana we are committed to making sure that the products we use are formulated better, clean and safe not just for our skin but for our body.

Experience difference for yourself. The Stay Fresh Multi-Mist is available to order here, and can be purchased in Ellana stores nationwide

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