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The bane of everyone’s existence: breakouts. They're a little easier to handle when we know what causes them (like hormones or stress), but it can be pretty infuriating when they come out of nowhere and we can’t pinpoint the exact cause. Was it something you ate, or something new in your skincare regimen? Argh!

While we can’t avoid breakouts altogether, we can minimize how often they occur. Here are some simple practices that you can work into your routine to help keep your skin happy:

1. Regular hand-washing

Hand-washing is a necessary part of our daily routine. Soap doesn’t just remove dirt and residue from our hands — it also gets rid of bacteria, including those that give you breakouts! We unconsciously touch our faces at least 16 times an hour, which means keeping our hands clean is a must in order to prevent potential bacteria-triggered breakouts.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Keep Clean Liquid Hand Soap
You don’t want to over-dry your hands, though, so make sure to keep clean using a gentle yet effective liquid hand soap with moisturizing ingredients like aloe vera and glycerine to keep your hands soft and supple!

2. Removing makeup

No matter how tired you are at the end of the day, removing your makeup before you doze off is a non-negotiable. The soothing texture of the Take It Easy makeup remover makes it an excellent first cleanse to get rid of sunscreen and makeup! Simply massage the cleanser in gentle circular motions to get rid of residue, while nourishing and brightening your skin with its infusion of rose and rose fruit extracts.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Take It Easy Facial Cleanser and Makeup Remover

Trust us - taking a few extra minutes to deeply cleanse your skin before you sleep will be rewarding in the long run.

3. Washing off dirt and residue

Done removing your makeup? Don’t roll into bed just yet — that was just the first step! The second cleanse is just as vital as the first; a water-based cleanse removes leftover residue from your skin and helps ensure your pores aren’t clogged, which can trigger acne.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Keep Clean and Clear Glycerine Soap

Lather up with a mild yet effective cleanser like the Keep Clean and Clear glycerine soap, formulated to moisturize and soothe tired skin while leaving it clean and refreshed. Don’t forget to mist and moisturize after cleansing; keeping the skin’s moisture barrier healthy means less chances of you becoming prone to flaking and irritation!

4. Cleaning tools

Keeping your skin clean is great, but if you don’t do the same with your tools, you’re just going to put all that gunk and bacteria back on your face! Make it a point to clean and sanitize your brushes before and after use with an antibacterial instant-dry brush cleaner to get rid of makeup residue, oil, dirt, and dead skin.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Instant Dry Makeup Sanitizer and Brush Cleaner with Tea Tree Oil

Maintaining clean and sanitized tools can help prevent brush bacteria breakouts from occurring, not to mention makeup actually applies better when your tools aren’t bogged down by product gunk and stale sebum.

5. Changing sheets regularly

If you’re one of the people who operate under the idea that sheets only need to be changed once a month, think again. Sheets, pillowcases, and blankets collect oil, dead skin, dirt, and sweat from your skin, hair, and general surroundings!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - stock image bed and bedsheets

Maintaining a steady cleansing habit without changing your sheets regularly is counter-intuitive, as the grime and sweat left on your sheets are just going to make their way back onto your face. If you’re on the sweatier side, you may want to change those sheets and pillowcases up to twice a week; otherwise, once a week is ideal.

6. Consulting with a specialist

If you’ve been practicing these habits for months but are still suffering from constant breakouts, you may want to consult with a skin specialist to help find out what could be causing them. The skin is the biggest organ in the human body, after all — it’s important to handle skin issues like you would any other physical concern!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - stock image doctor office hands laptop stethoscope

Keeping your skin happy and healthy is a lifetime commitment; here at Ellana, we always say SKIN FIRST, and we can’t stress enough how important of a mindset it is. Want to find out how to care for your skin type better? Click HERE to take our Beauty Quiz!

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