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Can You Really Control Oily Skin?

Can You Really Control Oily Skin?

Living in humid and tropical weather makes dealing with oily skin a struggle. Increased humidity tends to increase perspiration along with oil production, which, in turn, causes breakouts to develop. In an effort to “control” oil and look less greasy, we often think that drying our face out (like skipping the moisturizer and using aggressive facial cleansers) is the solution.

However, stripping our skin actually does the exact opposite. When skin is dehydrated, lacking moisture and hydration, it works extra hard to produce even more oil and sebum in an attempt to stay moisturized. The excess oil and sebum subsequently get trapped along with dead skin cells, clogging your pores, and eventually leading to breakouts.

So, the big question is: Can oily skin be controlled? It’s possible!

But, first, you need to understand that what oily skin really needs is balance⁠— you just need to control excess oil, not strip your skin’s natural oil and lipid barrier. Here are some actionable steps that you can take to control your skin’s oil production without over-drying skin:


Cleansing without stripping

Pick a face cleanser that’s mild, yet effective in removing excess oil and other impurities from your skin, like ourKeep Clean face and body bar series. Oily AND acne-prone? The Keep Clean and Cool tea tree soap is your best bet! Tea tree is a powerful ingredient that can help speed up the active acne stage and soothe inflammation; its antiseptic and anti-bacterial properties help combat acne-causing bacteria without stripping your skin of its natural oils.

Ellana Keep Clean and Calm tea tree soap

Our Keep Clean and Calm tea tree soap is also infused with menthol to soothe and cool irritated skin, leaving skin feeling thoroughly clean and refreshed.


Nourishing and hydrating skin

A common skincare misconception is that oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized and hydrated. As a matter of fact, all skin types constantly need moisture; it all just comes down to what moisturizer you use, what’s in it, and what it does.

Ellana Unwind Clarifying Serum Spray

#ChooseBetter and nourish your skin with the new Ellana multi-mists! A new favorite for oily skin: theUnwind Clarifying Serum Spray. It’s formulated with pure plant extracts like green tea, tea tree, aloe, and Korean retinispora; these skin-loving extracts work together to refine pores, smoothen skin texture, and keep breakouts at bay. Plus the botanical ingredients of this non-comedogenic serum spray also helps make sure that skin stays hydrated, keeping all the moisture in to minimize excess oil production.


Maintaining healthy moisture balance

When it comes to controlling oil, it also helps to know just how oily your skin is. Combination skin types typically have an oily T-zone (forehead, nose, and chin), so targeted oil control and balanced moisture are what the skin needs. OurDD+CC Primer with SPF 30 is perfect for the job! It’s lightweight and infused with Tsubaki oil, which has Vitamin E and antioxidants that maintain moisture without building up unwanted shine.

Ellana DD+CC Primer with SPF 30

If you have really oily skin, then ourBlur++ with Sebocure™ Primeris what you need. Sebocure™ features a mix of oil-controlling botanical extracts that help brighten skin, reduce blemishes, and regulate sebum production without drying skin. Licorice extracts, olive-derived squalane, shea butter, Vitamin B6, and niacinamide all work together to make sure that skin is deeply nourished while keeping it smooth and grease-free!

Ellana Blur++ with Sebocure™ Primer

Three care steps — easy, right?

When it comes to dealing with oily skin, itcanbe as simple as 1, 2, 3:

With these tips and the right skincare products, your oily skin is bound to look fresh and positively glowing instead!

So #ChooseBetter, control oil the healthy and #BetterForYou way, and keep in mind that balance is the key. Unsure if you’ve got oily or combination skin? Lock down the best routine for your skin type by taking our Beauty Quiz!

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