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Environmental Stressors: What Are They and How Do They Affect Our Skin?

January 09, 2020 2 min read

Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation to protect skin from environmental stressors

Environmental stressors are no laughing matter! Our skin is the body’s largest organ and our first line of defense against harmful elements. It’s important to understand how these stressors affect our skin, and what steps to take in keeping it healthy.

But before anything, what are “environmental stressors”?


As the name suggests, stressors are elements that can be found in our environment, such as pollution, sun damage, LED light, and dust. With prolonged exposure, each of these elements can have several negative effects to our skin, like premature aging and inflammation to various skin diseases. 

Because they’re not glaringly obvious, stressors are difficult to avoid. Commuters and city-dwellers are more regularly exposed to dust and air pollution, for example. Cigarette smoke, car emissions, iron particles from trains, and even blue light from our electronics are harming our skin without us knowing! 

Environmental Stressors: What Are They and How Do They Affect Our Skin?



Skin damage from environmental stressors can be seen in several forms. Prolonged sun exposure can cause dark spots and fine lines due to damage caused by UV rays. Pollution, dust, and smoke can clog pores, leading to sebum build-up and inflammation. Because our skin’s natural protective barriers are constantly stormed by these elements, we become more prone to acne and irritation. Even the production of collagen (an essential aspect for keeping the skin youthful and firm) is affected by environmental stressors--particularly, sun damage--which results in sagging and loose skin!


Luckily, there’s always something that can be done! One of the biggest ways to help curb the effect of environmental stressors is to invest in sun protection including skin-first foundation with SPF. Because makeup can be such an integral part of our daily lives, it’s important for our foundation, being the very first layer, to help supplement our skincare routines for protection throughout the day. By focusing on maintaining the skin’s overall health, foundation can provide both physical sun protection and a protective barrier against environmental stressors all while giving you the coverage that you need.

Ellana Loose Mineral Foundation with SPF 16

When choosing an SPF foundation, it’s best to opt for the product with mineral sunscreen ingredients rather than chemical sunscreens, as the latter is scientifically proven to absorb through the skin and accumulate within our bodies. 

By putting your skin’s long-term health first, foundation can go beyond first appearances to help keep your skin youthful and radiant in the long run while providing the coverage you crave for daily use!