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Get the Look: All Day Makeup for Museum Hopping

Get the Look: All Day Makeup for Museum Hopping

If you’re looking for a unique way to spend Valentine’s Day, why not go on a museum hopping tour around Metro Manila? Depending on the area and traffic, there are a handful of museums that you can check out.

Of course, being out and about all day means you need a makeup look that is fresh, effortless, and convenient to wear! Here’s a sweet and simple look that you can easily achieve using just a few products from Ellana:


The most important part of any look is the base. More than covering blemishes and unevenness, you also need to protect your skin from UV rays and environmental aggressors. That’s where the Ellana Pressed Mineral Foundation comes in. It's a lightweight, talc-free, sheer to medium coverage staple that doubles as skin protection, with broad spectrum SPF 50 to shield the skin from sun damage!

Should you require additional coverage—especially on dark spots and under the eyes—use a blending brush to buff the Loose Mineral Concealer on areas that need concealing.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Life Proof Eyebrow Gel


Eyebrows can make or break your look. When it comes to whole day affairs, you need a product that can withstand both water and sweat. The Life Proof Eyebrow Gel doesn’t just boast a long-lasting formulation—it also contains Marula Oil to promote the growth of brow hair!

When filling in your brows, the easiest technique is to follow the natural shape of your arches. Use the Life Proof Brow Brush to draw hairlike strokes from the inner corner, working your way towards the tail. Blend everything upwards with the spoolie to create a natural-looking finish.


Your eyeshadow need not be complicated! Since museum hopping will be done during the day, opt for a neutral hue that can enhance the color of your eyes. Using either a small blending brush or your ring finger, dab the Brilliance Highlighter & Bronzer Loose Multipurpose Pigment and blend it all over your lids for a subtle glow. For added vibrance, spritz the Stay Fresh Setting Spray on your brush or finger and build it up!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Lip and Cheek Gel


Another product that you can apply with just your fingers is the Lip and Cheek Gel! It has a lightweight formula that gives a satin matte finish and is guaranteed to stay on all day. Its aloe vera and rose extracts ingredients help keep your skin hydrated. Use a terracotta red such as the Lip & Cheek Gel in Garnet Garnet on the cheeks. Apply three dots near the center of each cheek following the cheekbones and blend quickly with your fingers. For the lips, play it up and swipe on a wine-plum shade like Amethyst!


Before heading out, spray on the Stay Fresh Setting Spray all over your face to prevent caking and unwanted shine. If it's a particularly hot day, you may want to slip a travel size in your bag to use as a refreshing mist throughout the day!

Are you ready to go on a unique, cultural date this Valentine’s Day?

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