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Ingredients We Love: NIACINAMIDE

Ingredients We Love: NIACINAMIDE

When it comes to skincare, the most popular holy grail actives tend to dominate the conversation, with Vitamin C typically topping the list. Its popularity is undeniable — the ingredient works, and also happens to be one of our skincare favorites (Read: 3 Reasons Why Your Skin Needs Vitamin C).

It’s not the only glow-getting ingredient out there, however. Meet another Ellana skincare favorite: NIACINAMIDE. It may be considered an underdog, taking the backseat in favor of more popular glow-getting skincare actives, but it definitely holds its own when it comes to beating dullness, rejuvenating damaged skin, and helping skin regain its natural glow.

Below, we break down what it is, how it works, and what we use it in:


Niacinamide is one of two forms of vitamin B3 (Niacin). It’s a water-soluble vitamin that, unlike many other skincare actives, happens to be stable in the presence of heat and light. The form of B3 that usually makes its way into skincare and supplements is not synthesized by the body (meaning we can’t produce it on our own).


Niacinamide is known to be a restorative vitamin, helping repair DNA and fight off stressors. In skincare, it helps reduce dullness, combats inflammation, visibly improves the appearance of pores by strengthening the surface of the skin, and helps repair damage from UV and other environmental stressors.

For those looking to eliminate skin dullness, the brightening effect that niacinamide is known for is directly correlated with its ability to repair damage and strengthen the skin’s barrier. There’s scientific evidence that topical niacinamide can help increase the skin’s production of ceramides (one of the major lipids that keep the skin’s moisture barrier healthy), which means it can improve the skin’s ability to retain moisture — and better moisture retention keeps skin plump and glowing!

If you suffer from rosacea, eczema, or have oily and acne-prone skin, niacinamide may just become one of your holy grail ingredients due to its anti-inflammatory properties and ability to improve the skin’s ability to retain hydration, which helps with oil regulation and skin healing.


You can find niacinamide in the Stay Fresh facial mist & setting spray, as well as the Blur++ Oil Controlling Primer with Sebocure!

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Stay Fresh Facial Mist and Setting Spray and Blur++ Oil Controlling Primer Sebocure

Since niacinamide is a great anti-inflammatory and stays stable in heat and light, it’s great to use in the daytime, especially for skin that needs help with retaining moisture and controlling oil. It also goes well with other stable antioxidants like catechins from Camellia Sinensis or green tea leaf extract (another ingredient in our Stay Fresh mist), working together to combat free radical damage from UV and other stressors in order to bring skin back to a healthy, radiant state.


As skincare isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario, knowing how ingredients work and what they do for your skin is critical when narrowing down what to include in your own unique routine. Want to find out more about your skin and its needs? Click here to take our Beauty Quiz!

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