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KEEP CLEAN: 4 Ways To Stay Sanitized

KEEP CLEAN: 4 Ways To Stay Sanitized

Personal hygiene has often been taken for granted — we’re all guilty of telling ourselves “maybe later” when it comes to washing our hands or cleaning our personal items.

However, staying clean is crucial to maintaining skin health as well as preventing the spread of disease. Proactively taking steps to ensure you’re staying sanitized does a world of good; there’s more than one benefit to be had from maintaining personal hygiene after all, and your skin deserves more than haphazard cleansing!

Here are 4 simple ways to stay sanitized:


This should go without saying: Hand washing is one of the simplest, most straightforward ways to keep clean. Did you know that we touch our faces around 16 times an hour? That's at least 192 times in a day, if you're awake for 12 hours! Our hands touch a variety of surfaces on a near-constant basis; with every touch, bacteria and other contaminants on those surfaces gets transferred to our hands, and subsequently to our faces!

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To prevent spreading dirt and contaminants, wash your hands regularly with a gentle, non-drying hand soap to help cleanse off dirt and bacteria without wearing down your skin. Make sure to observe the 20-second hand washing rule — to make this activity a little more fun, here's a playlist to wash your hands to!


We may be wearing makeup less these days, but that doesn’t mean our tools don’t need regular sanitizing. Each time your brush head touches the surface of your skin, it comes away with oil, dirt, and bacteria, not to mention product residue from whatever you used it for. Brush breakouts are an actual thing; without regular cleaning, your face may just end up growing angry bumps from all that leftover dirt and bacteria.

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To avoid dirty brush mishaps, spot-clean your brushes before and after every use with a spray that combats acne-causing bacteria, and maintain a once-a-week deep cleaning schedule with mild soap and water!


Our brushes aren’t the only thing potentially teeming with bacteria — makeup can get contaminated, too! Despite our best efforts, items that come into contact with brushes and fingers are highly prone to growing different kinds of bacteria and mold, which can contribute to acne and skin irritation as well.

Ellana Mineral Cosmetics - Instant Dry Makeup Sanitizer and Brush Cleaner
Misting your cream blushes, gel liners, and brow pomades with a tea tree oil-infused sanitizing spray can help combat bacterial growth, with the added benefit of reviving products that may be drying up due to exposure.


Yes, we’ve washed our hands, cleaned our tools, and disinfected our makeup. But as long as we're touching surfaces and miscellaneous objects (think doorknobs, keys, grocery baskets, and more), we're continuously picking up bacteria and other contaminants, subsequently transferring them to our clothes and personal effects.

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Since hand-washing may not be an option when you’re out and about, keeping clean with a handy sanitizing gel is the next best thing. Just squeeze out a coin-sized amount onto your palm, and rub all over the same way you would with soap if you were washing your hands.


Staying sanitized is the key to healthy skin as well as avoiding infectious diseases that are transferred via contact with skin, so let's all do our part to stay clean, stay safe, and stay radiant!

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