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Life-proof Eyebrow Gel Hacks

Life-proof Eyebrow Gel Hacks

Most of us didn’t choose the brow life; instead, the brow life chose us. We look up tutorials online for tips and tricks to do them. We dutifully spare minutes in our beauty routine to painstakingly perfect them. If they’re not, we choose to sit in front of the mirror and redo them until they are because no beauty look is evercomplete without the brows.

Eyebrows are one of the most prominent facial features and can affect your overall appearance. They complement your eyes and even accentuate them by “lifting” your face and making your eyes look bigger and you more youthful. Plus, even if you have little makeup on, your brows can instantly enhance your appearance and have you ready to head out in minutes. They may be a small part of your face, but they sure hold power.

We here at Ellana believe in that power, which is why we partnered with Project Vanity to come up with the Project Vanity x Ellana Life-Proof Eyebrow Gel (available in pencil format, too). This product comes in three colors, and is also multipurpose! Here are some of the other ways that you can use it:

Use it as an eyeliner.
Misplaced your eyeliner, or completely ran out? Eyebrow gel to the rescue! Take inspiration from neutral glam expert Kylie Jenner and try this out for a softer change in your look.

Simply take your Life-Proof Brow Brush, dip the angled end into your pot, then apply it along your upper lash line as you would with your regular eyeliner. Depending on your look for the day, you can flick it out at the corner to achieve a dramatic wing. Easy peasy!

Draw a fake tattoo.
Need to dress up as a certain character with tattoos, or simply feeling like a test run before you get permanent ink done? Give yourself one or two with the help of this eyebrow gel. Just get your brush and design ready before you draw away!

What’s great about this eyebrow gel is that it’s life-proof, as its name suggests, so your fake tattoo is sure to stay on all day and won’t be easily budged by water or sweat. Party or no party, you can add some fun to your look with just a few strokes.

Fill in hair.
If sparse hair or unsightly bald patches are bothering you, then consider your problems solved with this eyebrow gel. Receding hairline? Bald areas on your scalp? Simply fill these areas in the same way you do with your brows!

Bonus: The Life-proof eyebrow gel is infused with marula oil, with properties that support hair health! Completing your makeup look aside, this formula also promotes the health and growth of hair.


One small product, big beauty wonders. Discover more about this product and how to master your brows in our Get Life-proof Brows: Makeup MasterClass! Join Ellana’s very own Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor and Project Vanity’s Liz Lanuzo on July 10, Friday, at 7PM for this online event. You don’t want to miss this, so save the date and sign up here:

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