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Perfect Glow: 2 Ingredients For Smoother Skin

Perfect Glow: 2 Ingredients For Smoother Skin

In a world where there’s always the constant pressure to be and look perfect, it’s hard to find true confidence. Unfortunately, the presence of social media doesn’t help either. That’s why being confident and comfortable in your own skin, literally and figuratively, starts within yourself before you can radiate it outwards and inspire other people.

One way to help you feel good about yourself is to make sure that you’re taking care of your body and that includes skincare. Studies have proven that skin problems cause a huge, negative impact on our self-esteem and mental health, so you want to steer clear of those by keeping your skin healthy. Here are two skincare and cosmetic ingredients that are great in improving skin.

For soft, bright skin: Papain

Papain, the enzyme found in papaya, has long been known as a powerful skin-brightener and widely used as the main ingredient of several bath essentials and skincare products. But what exactly does papain do on skin? For one thing, it works as an anti-inflammatory. Papain is the type of enzyme that’s triggered by swelling and responds by providing protection to the inflamed areas. It can also soften and smoothen skin, as it removes damaged keratin that tends to build up on skin and form small bumps. If that’s not powerful enough, papain also promotes the production of collagen in your skin. It’s the protein responsible for strengthening your skin’s moisture barrier and helping improve elasticity.

Working together with Vitamins A and C, papain is effective in correcting skin discoloration, which is why it’s present in our Keep Clean and Bright Papaya + Claireblanche Face and Body Soap.

For smooth, even-toned skin: Citrus Nobilis Fruit Extract

Citrus Nobilis Fruit Extract is the key ingredient of MandarinClear, and commonly derived from mandarin orange peels. It’s a natural cosmetic ingredient that works by keeping the skin moisturized and soft, improving its texture over time. It helps reinforce the function of desmoplakin, which is a protein that binds with keratin to strengthen your skin cells and tighten their link to help them become more elastic. A strong desmoplakin makes skin luminous, glowing, and able to reflect light.

Another function of MandarinClear is the rapid reproduction of Caspase-14, an enzyme found in our body that helps form the Natural Moisturizing Factor or NMF. This is the protective coating that ensures that the outermost part of the epidermis stays hydrated.

MandarinClear also helps correct hyperpigmentation or dark patches of skin, often caused by overproduction of melanin.

Ready to say hello to skin that's soft, plump, and radiant? Get skin that glows from within with our Glass Skin Glow Cooling Facial Spray.


The perfect glow doesn't just mean a visible glass-like radiance — you also need to nurture that radiance from within. Outward appearance and inner beauty are two parts that affect and depend on each other. Our advice: Actively choose to take care of your skin and build up the kind of confidence that leads you to live your best and most authentic self!

Determined to have your skin looking its best and healthiest? Here are two ingredients we love for brighter skin!

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