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Stay Gorgeous: The Only Makeup Brush You Need

Whether you need a midday makeup touchup or you’re looking to transition from a day to night look, the Stay Gorgeous dual end brush is your bag-friendly on-the-go brush. 

Let us share the three reasons the Stay Gorgeous Dual End Retractable Brush has been a customer favorite for years! 

#1 Fluffy face brush

The fluffy face brush end is perfect for applying liquid, cream or powder makeup to large areas. Using a light stippling, buffing or sweeping motion to apply makeup on the skin. This brush end can be used to:
  • Buff or Stipple on foundation
  • Sweep on some blush, bronzer, contour and a light application of highlighter
  • Dust setting powder

#2 Precision face brush

The precision face brush is perfect for high pigment applications. You can use the tip of the brush to apply eyeshadow to the lids and shape. Use the flat side of the brush, you can press concealer onto the undereye area. Even applying highlighter can be done using this end of the brush.

#3 Rose gold metal casing and caps

The Stay Gorgeous brush is designed to travel. The metal brush caps keep dust out and the brush clean even while in your bag. Made of metal, this brush can withstand being dropped and more. 

While multi-use is the primary reason this is a best-selling brush, the second reason is simply how good the brush bristles feel against your skin. The bristles are soft (check out the reviews here - EVERYONE is saying it’s soft) making it perfect for people with sensitive skin.

Now all that’s missing is something for your eyeliner and brows! Well we have another dual end brush for that, check it out here: Eye and Brow Brush!

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