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Why 8 People Love Our Daily Defense Color Correcting SPF 30 Moisturizer

It’s no wonder that the DDCC or Daily Defense Color Correcting SPF 30 Moisturizer is much loved. It is a primer, moisturizer and sunscreen all in one easy step. Ideal for normal, combination and dry skin, this lightweight moisturizer takes care of discoloration, dryness, dullness, acne scars, and sun damage. 

Learn more about why Ellana customers love DDCC.

#1 Glow all day.

"I wear it alone before my outdoor running for sun protection as well. Surprisingly,my face still had a nice glow during and after outdoor running (rain or shine)."
- Sheila, Jul 2019

#2 Lightweight

“It'sso lightweight on the face, you won't even notice putting it on. Kudos to Ellana!” 
- May, Mar 2020

#3 No White Cast Sun Protection

“I thought na grabe yung whitecast nya since mineral sunscreen nga perohindi noticeable at all. I can also use this alone as a sunscreen which is good!”
- Rayah, Nov 2020

#4 All In One Skincare

“I super looovee this product! I use this as the last step of my skin care routine (day). It'sa moisturizer, tone up cream, primer and sunblock in one.”
- Monica 2020

#5 Brightens Complexion and Smoothens Skin

“I did not believe howthis made my skin bright and smooth every use. This has been a perfect product for my no make-up signature look!”
- Jeth, Nov 2020

#6 Moisturize Skin and Improve Skin’s Hydration

"At first super dry talaga ng skin ko, but nung na try ko yung DDCC last year ng month of April 2019 sa katagalan ko na syang ginagamit napansin ko talaga nanag improve yung skin ko."
- April, Mar 2020

#7 Lack sleep? Look like you slept soundly.

“Even when I lack sleep this primer makes my face glow and look as if i actually had "ample" rest. Truly worth it since a little pea sized amount goes a long way.”
- Sara, Aug 2020

#8 Day and Night Skincare

DDCC made my face better than before. I use this day and night after I wash my face.”
- Mira, Mar 2020

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