Celebrating YOU, just the way you are. πŸ’• - Ellana Cosmetics

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Celebrating YOU, just the way you are. πŸ’•

Celebrating YOU, just the way you are. πŸ’•

I recently found out that it was Zero Discrimination Day last weekend!

While going through posts on social media about Zero Discrimination Day, I read several stories that deeply resonated with me. There were stories from the deep-skinned beauties who endured ridicule growing up; the single parents who did all they could for their children and were still seen as "faulty" and "less than"; those who were deemed too skinny, too fat, too short, too tall, too... anything, really, except "just right".

As an advocate of inclusive beauty, as a mother, and as your friend, I find it sad that hurtful statements are still the norm.

However, I LOVE that we are collectively standing up for each other. The fact that #ZeroDiscriminationDay exists means that we've decided to speak up, team up, and push for change so that everyone can be celebrated and valued. Goodbye to impossible beauty standards and conventional impositions!

In the words of author Jacqueline Woodson,
"Diversity is about all of us, and about us having to figure out how to walk through this world together."

Let's all step up to empower others and acknowledge the beauty and strength in our differences! When we choose to celebrate people instead of bringing them down, we pave the way for a kinder, more inclusive future.

Stay radiant!

Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor
Founder, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

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