Free to be radiant. Free to be YOU. | Independence Day 2020 - Ellana Cosmetics

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Free to be radiant. Free to be YOU. | Independence Day 2020

Free to be radiant. Free to be YOU. | Independence Day 2020


You have the right to express how you feel and think, what you believe in, what you’re passionate about.

You have the right to speak up about what you care about.

You have the right to radiate what makes you, you.

We believe that right is worth protecting, together.

Know your rights.
Educate yourself on your freedoms, and exercise responsibility in practicing them. Express yourself with beauty and radiance.

Speak up.
Share what you believe in. Your voice matters and your voice is not alone, so don’t be afraid! Use the tools and laws that protect your right to exercise your freedoms.

Share love.
Share your time and resources. It takes collective effort to ensure that people are free to live the full and happy life they deserve.

KNOW YOUR RIGHTS. Here are three things we care about, to start:

* United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights
* The Anti-Violence Against Women and their Children act of 2004
* Plastic Pollution, read up on plastic waste and its effects on the planet.

SPEAK UP for what you believe in using the tools available to you.

* Canva allows you to make beautiful, free social media graphics.
* helps you make free websites for causes you support.
* Filmora allows you to edit videos easily on your phone.

SHARE LOVE even from home. Visit to find out how.

As we celebrate our freedom, let's all remember to look past any differences  we might see in others; after all, we share the same radiance within.

We are all connected.


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