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MANILA, Philippines - Having been let down by numerous companies because of unsavory practices and ingredients that were possible irritants, I sought some alternatives. At first, I thought it awfully hippy-dippy and boring to go the green beauty route, because of a lot of misconceptions about that area of the beauty industry. I’m not quite sure how I stumbled into the world of “clean” cosmetics, but it’s not as bleak or boring as it might seem at first.

Many companies have been “greenwashed,” that is marketed and branded to appear natural and “healthier” than the competition. But “natural” isn’t the same as “organic,” and neither is automatically the better option. Semantics aside, I made the decision to educate myself about the ingredients that I put on my face because I’ve grown to mistrust some of the brands that I used to love. It can be a bit daunting to jump into the green beauty world, and I myself am not completely immersed in it, but here are some of my favorite natural finds that have helped ease my way to greener pastures.

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