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Exclusive Makeup Artists Discount Program 2023

Creating beauty without compromise: Empowering makeup artists with natural beauty solutions through Ellana's Exclusive Makeup Artists Discount Program

Heads up, beauty artisans! Since we know how essential high-quality cosmetics are in your line of work, our gift to you is a premium offer of 40% off all Ellana products with Ellana's Exclusive Makeup Artists Discount Program

Ellana is ONE OF THE BEST makeup for people with sensitive skin.

Having Ellana in your makeup kit ensures you're ready to work your magic on your client's skin regardless of their skin condition. 

Ellana’s got you! We provide an extensive line of natural cosmetics that strike the perfect balance between color, coverage, and skincare. You and your clients can trust that with Ellana, sensitive skin is in good hands. 

For any special occasion and clients of all ages, partner with us and go a step beyond to make beauty comfortable. Add Ellana’s full makeup and skincare line to your kits today!

Makeup hacks galore!

By joining Ellana's Exclusive Makeup Artists Discount Program 2023, you will also have the chance to learn tips and tricks tailored for makeup artists using Ellana products. Acquire essential insights from our founder Theresa, an accomplished professional makeup artist and cosmetics formulator herself!Discover what you can do with a cosmetics brand created by a makeup artist with makeup artists and people with sensitive skin in mind. 

Here are some to get you started: 

How It Works 

Complete this online form. 

To qualify for this program, makeup artists must have a professional social media profile on any platform that promotes their services and is current in the last 3 months, with at least 1 post a week. 


Following our verification of your professional status, you will receive access to our Ellana Partners Store where you will benefit from a year-long 40% off all purchases (note that you will not be eligible for any other loyalty program discounts and other promotions). You'll receive a confirmation email with instructions on how to access and make purchases on our Ellana Partners Store. 

Verification is done in weekly batches every Wednesday.



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