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SKIN BASICS: Post-Makeup Skincare

SKIN BASICS: Post-Makeup Skincare

We’ve been all about skincare makeup from day 1, but there’s more to minding your skin better than just using products that do double duty as coverage and care. Putting on the good stuff in the morning is one aspect of skincare; taking them off properly and treating your skin right is another, and just as equally important!

Below, we lay out some of the post-makeup care basics we love to take to keep our skin healthy:


Soap and water used to be considered “the basics”, with maybe a few rough swipes of a makeup wipe serving as an initial cleanse attempt before lathering up.

The real deal, however, is that alotof things end up on your skin throughout the day, even if you don’t wear makeup: dust, pollution, bacteria, and more, plus your own accumulated sweat and oil residue. Double cleansing is the answer to removing all of this gunk, but cleansing twice with soap alone is a bit too harsh for our delicate facial skin to handle.

Instead of going for a painfully squeaky wash, opt for a first cleanse with a gentle cream or makeup remover to help break down and remove the residue that’s on your skin, before following up with a deeper water-based cleanse.


Lips are often responsible for added oomph to any day look. With so many portable lip stains and balms to choose from, adding a pop of color onto your pucker to complete your look is all too easy!

However, properly caring for them isn’t always on our to-do list; the most common lip care step is to absentmindedly swipe on a balm (that, depending on the ingredients, may actually be causing more dryness and flaking), and leave it at that.

Our lips are subject to the same grind that our faces go through on a daily basis plus food and beverage activity, so caring for them is important, too. A gentle exfoliator with added nourishment and moisture can help get rid of flakes, smooth over rough areas, and plump up your pout without drying it out!


After getting rid of that initial layer of residue on your face with a first cleanser and treating your lips to some well-deserved TLC, it’s time for the second cleansing phase!

More often than not, a quick lather and rinse is what we get up to; so quick, in fact, that we tend to get rough with the handling of our skin’s surface, which is much more delicate in comparison to the rest of our body.

Instead of hurrying through the process, take the time to lather up, then gently go over your skin in upward circular motions. Face and body cleansers that are calming and skin-soothing are ideal, so you can get rid of any remaining residue and impurities without stressing out your skin or stripping it of moisture. 


Once you’re finished with cleansing, bringing nourishment and moisture to the skin is the crucial next step. The skin’s moisture barrier provides protection against external stressors and irritants, and keeping it intact through hydration and antioxidant support (along with daily sun protection!) is the key to maintaining skin that’s healthy and radiant.

One way to bring moisture back to the skin without weighing it down: using lightweight emollients and mists! Facial mists are one of the most common beauty staples out there, and the easiest to keep around for a refresh if you find yourself needing a pick-me-up later in the day.

Choose a mist packed with moisturizing and skin-soothing ingredients if you’re looking for a hydration boost, and layer it with a mist infused with active ingredients like Vitamin C if your skin needs help against dullness, flaking, and pigmentation.


Now that we’ve dealt with the cleansing and moisture part of our post-makeup care routine, it’s time for the little extras: protecting your lips, and spot-treating minor skin concerns if any.

For skincare minimalists, a handy petroleum-free multi-use balm packed with skin-loving botanicals is ideal! Simply apply a layer over your freshly-exfoliated lips to nourish and seal in hydration, then dab a little onto irritated areas to help soothe and protect the skin.


While a basic routine like this is fairly straightforward, always remember that each person's skin is different so YOUR MILEAGE MAY VARYwhen it comes to specific products and combinations.

If you're new to skincare and are still trying to iron out what works for you, we highly recommend patch testing on your jawline before fully incorporating a product into your routine. Also, make sure to do your research - avoiding skincare misconceptions by getting your facts straight is key to treating your skin to the TLC it deserves!

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