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These Ingredients Will Heal Your Breakouts!

These Ingredients Will Heal Your Breakouts!

Acne is the kind of surprise no one ever really enjoys. It shows up unexpectedly at the most inconvenient times, stays on you for a while, and often leaves damage and unflattering marks that are a struggle to get rid of!

Now, while there are a lot of acne-fighting ingredients out there, quite a number of them are designed to clear your skin without necessarily providing the care and soothing it needs to minimize the occurrence of blemishes.

Our favorite ingredients for breakouts are those that fight acne while also repairing the damage that acne causes. Find out more about these tried-and-tested acne skincare ingredients below:

What is it? With endless skincare ingredients taking front and center nowadays, allantoin is probably one of the less known acne-busting ingredients out there, but just as effective. It can be organically sourced from plants like wheat sprouts, sugar beet, chamomile, tobacco seed, and comfrey (its most popular source). Studies show that this ingredient is non-toxic and safe to use in cosmetic and skincare products, making it a K-beauty favorite.

What does it do for skin? Because allantoin is mild and non-irritating, it’s ideal to use even on the most sensitive skin. The major skincare role that it plays is increasing moisture and collagen production in skin while dissolving built-up keratin on the surface of skin, keeping it hydrated and exfoliated. Because of this process, you can have smoother and plumper skin with reduced signs of aging.

Aside from that, allantoin enhances the growth of new skin cells and promotes the regeneration of damaged tissues, which is why it’s effective in healing wounds, irritations, and acne. Plus, with its soothing properties, you can look forward to calmer skin and less breakouts.

Where can you find it? Allantoin is just one of the many ingredients that we love using. It’s the key ingredient of our Skin Smoothing Blur Primer, a powerful face-base that blurs the appearance of pores and wrinkles while helping lighten acne scars over time.

You can also find allantoin in our Loose Mineral SkinShield Foundation with SPF 16 and Loose Mineral SkinShield Concealer with SPF 16, which are both great for concealing spots and blemishes while keeping skin radiant!

Specifically for your acne care needs, you can use our allantoin-infused Unwind Clarifying Green Tea + Tea Tree Serum Spray to calm irritated skin, combat blemishes, and control oil.

What is it? Kaolin clay is a type of clay that’s made of a mineral called kaolinite. It can appear reddish or green, depending on where it’s mined, which is usually in China, the United States, and Brazil. Kaolin clay is mainly used for pottery and production of paper. Nowadays, it’s included in a lot of skincare products because of its anti-inflammatory, detoxifying, and stimulating properties.

What does it do for skin? What makes kaolin clay great is the fact that it’s friendly and gentle to all skin types. For oily skin in particular, it’s effective in absorbing excess oil and sebum, and extracting acne-causing impurities without over-drying and irritation. It also helps improve the texture of skin that’s been damaged by acne by gently sloughing away dead skin cells for a smoother complexion.

Where can you find it? Kaolin clay is one of the key ingredients in some of our powders like the Stay Matte Poreless Oil Control Powder, which blurs pores, gives skin a smooth, velvety finish, and controls excess oil without over-drying.

Kaolin clay is also in the Loose Mineral SkinShield Foundation with SPF 16,  Cream To Powder Concealer with SPF 16 Mineral SkinShield, and Loose Mineral SkinShield Concealer with SPF 16. You can add these to your beauty routine and achieve a flawless, long-lasting finish without the grease — perfect for oily and acne-prone skin!

What is it? Zinc oxide is a powdered and oxidized version of zinc that’s derived from zincite, a naturally-occurring mineral that’s widely used in most consumer products. Zinc oxide is popularly used as a sunscreen ingredient, especially physical sunscreen. It helps in providing skin protection from harmful UVA and UVB rays.

What does it do for skin? When zinc oxide is applied on skin, it forms a coating that works as a protective agent against UV radiation and environmental irritants. It’s the broad spectrum reflector that’s been approved for use in sunscreen in concentrations up to 25%. This also allows zinc oxide to prevent sunburn and premature signs of aging, as well as skin irritation, redness, and dryness.

Zinc oxide also has antiseptic and astringent properties that protect the body from infection by “physically” blocking bacteria from entering the body. This helps acne and minor wounds heal faster and easier. When it comes to cosmetics, this ingredient contributes moisture and hydration while balancing oil production, keeping skin fresh without the unwanted shine. Plus, zinc oxide also reduces the appearance of pores, promotes collagen production, and balances skin tone.

Where can you find it? Zinc oxide is present in all Ellana products that have SPF. The Pressed Mineral SkinShield Foundation with SPF 50 is a favorite, as it works as an oil-controlling powder and sunscreen in one! Along with titanium dioxide, zinc oxide is a key ingredient in our signature Mineral SkinShield®. It’s our own version of a hypoallergenic physical sunscreen that’s infused with non-comedogenic mineral and botanical ingredients that protect skin from pollution, sun damage, and other irritants.

Mineral SkinShield® powers our line of skin-loving foundations, blending makeup and skincare in one product. There’s one recommended for every skin type, too:

Making breakouts disappear in a flash isn’t worth it if it harms your skin in the process — the goal is to heal skin safely. So always #ChooseBetter for your skin with gentle yet effective ingredients like allantoin, kaolin clay, and zinc oxide. They may not be top-of-mind when it comes to blemish-busters, but they’re just as powerful!

Need some extra help with preventing breakouts from happening? Start with controlling oil. Here’s how!

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