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Skin Basics: Color and Care For Lips

Skin Basics: Color and Care For Lips

Don’t you just love it when your makeup does more? At Ellana, we love multipurpose makeup products that do more for our skin; this is why we formulate with skin health in mind and ingredients that are #BetterOnYou.

In fact, the word "ellana" itself means "light" or "bright." It's what inspires us to create products that go beyond physical appearance, leaving you with a certain radiance that stays long after the makeup is gone. The pursuit for this kind of beauty is not exclusive to our signature face-base products; it's reflected in our lip products, too.

That’s why we’re putting our Satin Stain Shine in the spotlight — our own next-level take on a lip and cheek stain. It’s the perfect example of what multipurpose makeup is: you can easily use it in different ways, plus it comes with skin and lip benefits (more on that later)!

Have fun playing with color — our six flattering shades come in fun, self-affirming names: #happiness (warm brown or true nude), #selflove (deep red brown or true red), #believe (deep salmon pink), #positivevibes (spice brown or brick red), #motivation (deep lilac), and #lovewins (deep peach or bright orange-red).

Now, the big question: Which shade complements which skin tone? All of them!

Every shade in the Satin Stain Shine collection works well with light, medium, and deep skin tones, so you can have playing with colors and decide which of them are #BetterOnYou.

Unsure about following a swatch? See how the shade looks on you with the help of our Digital Makeup Try-On. Once you get one (or all!) of them for yourself, you'll discover how these liquid formulas easily match your skin, no matter the shade.

The multipurpose Satin Stain Shine is so much more. Depending on your application, it also functions as a lip balm, liquid lipstick, lip gloss, or lip treatment. Thanks to its powerful ingredients, it provides a lightweight feel and non-sticky hydration, leaving your lips dewy and comfortable!

This water-based lip product is infused with mung bean extract, which moisturizes, nourishes, and hydrates your lips. The other key ingredient is olive oil extract for softness and suppleness. If you’re worried about having cracked or chapped lips when using this, then worry no more — our Satin Stain Shine liquid lip and cheek formula is literally a lip treatment in a tube.

Having this in your makeup kit is handy for when you need to look extra fresh and radiant in a flash. Apply it lightly for a subtle, satin-finish tint, or add a few more swipes for a full, glossy stain. For your cheeks, start out with a small amount (they’re very pigmented!) on the apples of your cheeks and along the line of your cheekbones, then quickly blend with a kabuki brush for a waterproof, dewy blush.

Choose to go with what’s #BetterOnYou and easily go from day to night in confidence and comfort with products formulated to go beyond the surface. Want to know more about caring for your skin and lips after a full day of wearing makeup? Click here to read our tips!

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