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Radiant Skin Basics: Remote Work Makeup

Radiant Skin Basics: Remote Work Makeup

Research and studies have long found that wearing makeup boosts productivity and our drive. Psychologist Tara Hunter said, “Anything that helps us to stand tall and hold our posture upright will help to motivate and build confidence.” For some of us, that “anything” is makeup and it can be powerful.

Adjusting to #TheNewNormal includes working from home in the meantime to keep ourselves and other people safe. This may be a huge change in our lives, but it doesn’t mean that we have to abandon our routine. We can still dress up or put on makeup the same way we do for work, especially if it makes us feel our best and most confident. Here’s a simple beauty routine that helps you retain your glow and radiance, and keeps you looking fresh and camera-ready throughout the day, with or without the video calls.

First things first.
Prepping your skin before makeup is important. Adding a protective primer to your routine does wonders!

Take our DD+CC Primer for example: aside from helping your makeup stay on your face longer, it also moisturizes your skin thanks to Japanese Tsubaki Oil. It also protects your skin, working as a barrier between your face and makeup to keep your skin nourished and healthy. Plus, it leaves a soft, powdery finish that makes you look fresh and rejuvenated in every online meeting, no matter what time it is.

Build a base.
Who says you can’t look flawless even when working remotely? You sure can with a good foundation, like our Pressed Mineral Foundation. It’s lightweight, has buildable coverage, and is milled finely for the smoothest skin texture. If that’s not powerful enough, this foundation is also powered by Ellana’s signature Mineral SkinShield, which protects skin from the elements.

You may be staying indoors, but your skin still needs to be shielded from dirt, oil, and other irritants. Stay protected and video call-ready with a face-base that doesn’t cake, flake, or clog pores!

Splash on color.
Look bright and glowing indoors as you do outdoors! Add a pop of color to your work-from-home look with our Lip Drunk Blush. It’s a creamy, moisturizing blush that applies smoothly on your lips and cheeks, leaving a soft, natural-matte finish for a naturally flushed look.

Because it’s infused with Camellia “Tsubaki” Seed Oil, you can make sure that your skin and lips stay hydrated as you’re wearing it. It’s available in 9 cocktail-inspired shades that you can have fun and play with, depending on your mood for the day.

Refresh and moisturize.
After putting together the basics, the next step is to lock them in. Spray on our Flower Power Facial Mist and Setting Spray to prevent makeup from caking, fading, and giving you unwanted shine on the camera.

Enriched with rose extracts and Vitamin C, it seals hydration in your skin and refreshes you with that radiant glow in every spritz. Feeling stressed from remote work? Keep this within reach and spray away to feel rejuvenated!

Draw, set, forget!
Of course, camera on or off, no makeup look is ever complete without the brows. As a finishing touch, fill them in with our Project Vanity Life-Proof Eyebrow Pencil. Available in 5 shades, it’s highly pigmented and blendable, so you can have the perfect definition and the most natural-looking finish.

Your brows are bound to get better and better with every use, as this product is made with castor oil that strengthens brow hair. So, once you’ve got those life-proof brows drawn and set, it’s time to turn your work camera on because you’re good to go!


You don’t have to say goodbye to your makeup just because your workplace changed. Keep on wearing them because they’re your no-fail confidence-boosters! Of course, when work’s done for the day, don’t forget to remove your makeup after and wash up. Here are some post-makeup care basics to keep your skin healthy!

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