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SAVE YOUR SKIN: Two Ingredients We Love For Acne

SAVE YOUR SKIN: Two Ingredients We Love For Acne

Fighting acne is a nightmare and a constant struggle, especially since it affects more than just your skin. It can impact your self-esteem and confidence, too. In fact, studies show that people who have acne tend to feel more embarrassed and may be uninterested in having their photo taken or engaging in social interactions. Some may even avoid these situations entirely, while some pack on heavy layers of makeup first before facing other people, which only creates more skin problems.

When we’re breaking out, It’s almost instinctive to grab the nearest foundation or concealer and use it to hide zits. However, it’s not always the healthiest option for your skin; piling on product clogs your pores even more, leading to worse skin inflammation and a prolonged acne presence.

But actually, the secret to finding skincare that doesn’t do damage on acne-prone skin lies in the ingredients, which require sleuthing and paying attention to details. That’s why we’re sharing two ingredients that we love having in our beauty arsenal that help fight blemishes and prevent the appearance of new ones: niacinamide and tea tree oil!

Ingredient # 1: Niacinamide

Niacinamide is an Ellana skincare favorite and the star ingredient of our Stay Fresh facial mist and setting spray. It’s a form of Vitamin B3 that helps in repairing DNA and shielding your skin against environmental stressors. Acne-prone skin in particular can benefit a lot from niacinamide, as it strengthens the skin’s natural barrier and helps minimize inflammation. A strong barrier means that moisture is kept in your skin, while irritants and dirt are kept out. Moisturized and hydrated skin leads to glow and radiance!

Products with niacinamideare safe to use even when you already have acne. Its anti-inflammatory properties aid in minimizing acne, plus it effectively helps regulate and balance oil production. Another skin benefit is helping visibly improve the size of your pores, which may appear enlarged from too much clogging and sun damage.

Ingredient # 2: Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil is a natural, acne-busting ingredient that has been around for a long time. It’s known generally for its healing and disinfecting properties, which make it effective for fighting breakouts and blemishes. It functions all around as an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial treatment for the face and most parts of the body.

Tea tree is a potent ingredient: it attacks acne-causing bacteria, calms inflamed skin, and helps disinfect your pores. Plus, while it’s healing your skin, it’s already working to prevent future appearance of acne at the same time — talk about a powerhouse!

This skincare savior is the key ingredient in our new Keep Clean and Cool Tea Tree soap, which is ideal for oily and acne-prone skin. It’s formulated for face and body use, so you can make sure that all the dirt and bacteria get washed away from top to toe.


Remember, the fight against acne is won with care. Gently cleaning off built-up dirt, strengthening your skin's natural barrier, and controlling acne bacteria does a lot — niacinamide and tea tree are your partners in this fight! Fight acne confidently with these two powerful ingredients and reclaim that self-esteem!

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