Love month thoughts + a surprise! 🎉🎉 - Ellana Cosmetics

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Love month thoughts + a surprise! 🎉🎉

Love month thoughts + a surprise! 🎉🎉

The Love Month is almost over, but hey — who says love should be relegated to just one month every year? Each day is an opportunity to show everyone warmth and caring!

At Ellana workshops, I always express that makeup is a love language. It’s all about providing the best possible care, whether you’re working on your own face or someone else’s. We use skincare and makeup not just to enhance our natural features, but to reaffirm ourselves as well as the people around us.

Quoting Eleanor Roosevelt,
“The giving of love is an education in itself.”

If you’ve never tried putting makeup on someone else, I highly encourage you to do so. Trust me, you’ll learn just as much about yourself in the process of learning how to take better care of other people.

Asking questions during the process is one great way to discover more about other people’s needs: Don’t hesitate to check how others are feeling, if they’re comfortable, if they like how they look. It's all about care and connection; there's so much more to makeup than just putting color on a face!

If you feel daunted about putting makeup on other people without knowing how to do it on yourself better, or if you simply feel like exploring something new with other people, why don’t you join us this weekend?

I’m facilitating a makeup workshop at the Ellana HQ in Makati on February 29th, and I'd really love to see your radiant faces there. Simply click here for more details and to book your slots, then hang tight until Saturday. 😘

See you soon!

Theresa Carbonel-Buenaflor
Founder, Ellana Mineral Cosmetics

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